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No more blackouts, and no more power outages with advanced solar battery solutions that reduce your electricity bill while providing complete reliability.

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Solar Batteries Provide Ultimate Reliability

Solar panels have become one of the fastest-growing sources of energy in South Florida.  The popularity and convenience of solar power have also led to the rise of another amazing renewable technology, solar batteries!  Many solar manufacturers are now also producing solar batteries that integrate with your solar panels, creating a solar power storage system for your home or business.

Say goodbye to blackouts, power outages, and power blips, and remain calm during Hurricane Season.  If you’re considering installing solar panels and want complete reliability it’s worth considering a battery backup system as well.

Safeguarding your home or business against power outages and blackouts, solar backup batteries are the perfect solution for those who want to pay less for energy, help the environment, and who seek complete reliability. To learn more about solar backup batteries and to see if solar batteries are right for you, check out How Does a Solar PV System Work?

Wondering if solar is right for your home?

The Benefits of Solar Backup Batteries

Solar backup batteries make an excellent addition to your home or business, saving you money on energy costs, reducing your carbon footprint, and most importantly, providing you with complete reliability.

Reliable Power

A solar backup battery stores any unused solar power generated by your solar PV system for access at a later time. Should your home or business experience a power outage, you’ll still have power.


While in some states the law doesn’t allow you to go completely off the grid, solar backup batteries reduce your dependence on the grid for power. But regardless of state by state laws, solar backup batteries can help your solar PV system produce and store enough power for your home or business for the entire year, reducing your need to depend on the grid for electricity.

Reduced Electric Bills

Solar backup batteries help you save money on electricity by maximizing your ability to use the electricity produced by your solar PV system on a day to day basis. Working together, your solar battery and solar PV system optimize energy production, instead of needing to pull electricity from the grid should you use more electricity than produced by your panels.

How Do I Know If Solar Backup Batteries Are Right for Me?

If your home or business is an area where grid reliability is questionable, then solar backup batteries should most likely be included in your solar PV installation. However, there can be other circumstances where a solar backup battery is the perfect addition to your home or business, working in tandem with your solar PV system to help reduce your overall energy costs, while producing clean and reliable power. To find out more about solar backup battery options and to see if they are right for your home, Synergy Solar offers completely free one-on-one consultations and solar designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Empowering You to Make Informed Choices

Watch your electricity bill disappear by switching to solar power! Here are some common questions and some brief answers. Schedule a free consultation today with one of our consultants who will be able to answer any questions you have about solar.

Residential Solar

Clean, Sustainable Energy for Your Home.
How do solar panels work?
Solar panels are made of highly conductive materials that use the sun’s rays to create direct current electricity. As most homes and businesses use alternating current, solar panels use inverters to turn the direct current into alternating current that then flows through your home’s property wiring, just like power from the grid.
Will my solar panels generate electricity during cloudy days?

Solar panels use the sun’s UV rays to generate power. Similar to how your skin can tan even if it’s cloudy, your solar panels will still generate electricity during cloudy and rainy days, just not as much as on a clear, sunny day.

How much will I save on my electric bills?

How much you save will depend on how much energy you use, where you live and what your utility company charges for electricity. But in most cases, Synergy Solar aims to offset 100% of your electricity use through a solar PV installation, leaving you to pay small transmission fees as little as $5 or $15 a month.

How soon will I notice a difference in my electric bills?

Immediately! Your solar PV system will start generating energy for your property the day it’s installed.

Will installing solar panels void my roof's warranty?

No, the products Synergy Solar uses will keep your roof under warranty. Synergy Solar also has its own workmanship warranty as well as warranties on all our system components.

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