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Our Team, Our Values, and the Sun That Guides Us

As a homeowner in South Florida, one of the most important questions you can ask yourself when switching to solar is “How can I find a solar installer that I can trust to do a great job on my home?”

Unfortunately, with so many new solar companies trying to get in on the solar boom, homeowners are needing to interview multiple solar companies before finding one they feel confident about.

As one of South Florida’s most trusted solar installation companies, Synergy Solar has the experience, the track record, and most importantly the commitment to answer that question.

Long before “the solar boom”, Synergy Solar had already installed thousands of solar panels on homes across Miami and South Florida. 

Today Synergy Solar is proud to be one of South Florida’s leading all-in-house solar companies. That means from start to finish you deal with us and only us. Never outsourcing or contracting out our work, we provide you with the confidence you need to build a brighter future through solar.

Our Story

Discover the Story Behind Our Passion

At Synergy, solar isn’t just our business, it’s our passion.  Fueled by the sun’s energy, we strive to bring about a brighter future through solar energy.

After many years in the contracting business, 20+ working in roofing and construction, Alain combined forces with two of his best friends to form a solar company that would soon become one of the largest and most trusted solar companies in South Florida.  That day, Synergy Solar was formed.

Having lived in South Florida, Alain’s mission wasn’t just to form a business but to help people in South Florida live a brighter future through clean and sustainable power all while providing value, reduced electricity bills.

Today, years later, and after having successfully installed thousands of solar panels across Miami and South Florida, our mission remains the same.  Our dedication to industry leading solar panels and technology, quality craftsmanship, and 100% customer satisfaction enables us to carry out our mission one solar installation at a time.

Alain Alfonso

Alain Alfonso

Our Vision

Driving Positive Change, One Step at a Time.

At Synergy Solar, our vision is to offer high quality, cost-effective renewable energy products to help you reduce your electric bill and take control of your own power generation. Our company is driven by solar’s environmental benefits, our commitment to quality, and our promise to use industry-leading products. Passionate about solar, our goal is to continually grow and keep helping you and fellow home and business owners achieve the cost and environmental benefits of solar power, while also educating the future generation about the importance of caring for the planet.

Our Uniqueness

What distinguishes us from others?


Synergy Solar is one of the only Florida solar companies that exclusively use micro-inverters, which optimize the power generation of each solar panel by empowering each individual panel to directly convert its own energy, instead of a string of inverters where each panel relies on the one before it to produce energy.

Protection Plan

Thanks to our commitment to quality and our long relationship with solar manufacturers, Synergy Solar is able to issue extended warranties on select products, guaranteeing performance for up to 30 years, 5 years above normal warranties.

Quality & cost

At Synergy Solar, we are one of the only companies that offer competitive pricing while maintaining leading industry standards. Synergy Solar only works with premium quality equipment and tier 1 solar panels.


Synergy Solar is one of the few companies that handle every aspect of solar design, engineering, installation and customer care in-house. Whereas many solar companies just do sales, or just do installations, Synergy Solar takes care of every aspect of your solar projects to ensure every step of your installation is done right.

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